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I'd like to present this empowering video especially to all the Japanese teachers of English. Are you still among the onlookers? 
Do you think you're safe and secured to be in the majority rather than making a big leap into a new approach, which you've yet tried? Are you really sure the time has not come yet? Doesn't your honest voice tell you that it's high time you gave it a try and did tadoku? 

I've been tadoku reading for more than ten years now and it's like every tadoku reading or listening opens up my mind and reminds me that having a bit of courage and curiosity can change your life immensely. I'm looking forward to meeting you in the infinite wonderland of tadoku. 

We're grateful for your support!

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  1. Fabulous talk. Sometimes, I feel I'm a lone nut, but yeah, it's true i have some followers, and I might be one of the followers of another lone nut. It's inspiring. Anyway, the greatest leader of Japanese baseball, Mr Ochiai, couldn't do anything without his followers, which were Mr. Mori (headcoach), Mr. Shirai (the owner of the team), etc. And he kept telling the media, "Not me. Ask my players and other coaches.They are the ones who play baseball." It's his style to respect his followers.

  2. Huh? "another lone nut." That reminds me of somebody I know well inside and out... Anyway, thank you for the comment. It really helps me to boost my motivation to write more entries. I often felt dreadful being called an oddball even after when I got older, but somehow I started to acknowledge my geekiness or straight-forward attitude as something special, which I shouldn't be weary about but be proud of. With you a lone nut and me an oddball makes a group of people!, therefore there has to be many many more people in the world similar to us. It's quite true that people can be very strong and resilient when they have someone close by who understand them...

  3. Even among TED speeches, it's really an encouraging and inspiring obne. Thanks for sharing this. The speaker said that a leader was overestimated and that the first follower made him/her a leader. Too true but nobody pointed it out! I'm no leader and very shy, but I'd like to follow a good leader without hesitation when I find one.

  4. Haven't you read "quiet" yet? It's about introverts and extroverts and it says introverts are also good to be a leader. Being a good leader is not about simply to become outgoing or powerful. Your quiet, sincere words can change the world. Well, of course, it's good to be like a extrovert sometimes like the video^^