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Summer time for pondering...

Summer has come. Are you on vacation? Perhaps you've been back home to your home countries and enjoy this relaxing (supposedly) time of the year. While you are re-energizing your body and mind, how about reading and thinking about this African quote 

and read this:
The Essence of what is called the FINNISH METHOD of education: the important elements Japanese teachers should not misunderstand

and this: Why Are Finland's Schools Successful?

Forget about PISA scores but remember the faces in your classroom or home. Are those faces shine with little tingling feelings with curiosity and their own unique discovery? Do you think they have enough opportunities to learn how to work things out with their peers? How can we realize self-initiate life-long learners? I've been educated in this safe country without having life-threatening circumstances and fortunately, my parents offer me enough space and support to choose my own future path. Here I am still learning and curious to learn further. Considering my age (in my late 40's), it is safe to say I have become a life-long learner. What made me one of the fortunate members of the world is, I believe, the environment where a variety of genres of books is available anytime in my childhood and mental as well as financial support from my parents to access to such environment with kindred spirits to discuss and learn with in later stage of my life. But some children have no luck like I did if no public education offer such environment. Don't you think it is only fair that no matter how and where a child is born, each kid has almost same opportunity that I had? If such environment cost millions of dollars, yens, pounds or whatever the currency is, we might lose millions of Einstein and other geniuses due to the lack of access to such environment to be flourished. It is good time to think about this again and again till each one of us start taking a feasible action in our own possible way. Have a great vacation!

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